Ten Things I’d Like To Do in December

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  • Write Christmas Cards: Every year we talk about this and every year Christmas comes and goes and we haven’t done it. We really should keep in touch with people better. Guess I’ll start making up a list.
  • Get a picture of the children. F had a school picture made and I realized that I really ought to have a picture done of all three children. There are 4 great-grandparents at least who would appreciate having a picture I’m sure. A photographer friend has offered to take the picture I just need to get this on the calendar.
  • Sew a dress for myself. I have the fabric and the pattern. I just find sewing for myself much harder than sewing for Su, and keep putting it off. However if I put it off too much longer I won’t fit into it, so this has moved up the priority list.
  • Bake: I love to bake for the holidays and now that we have an oven that works consistently I have no excuses. I’m also planning to make cookies with F’s class at school one day in December.
  • Cook a turkey: I bought two turkeys on sale last week and am planning to cook at least one and freeze the meat and can the broth. I’ve done this in the past and find it so helpful to have meat and broth ready to go for soups and casseroles.
  • Learn new music: I have some new music to learn with our church choir but I’m also starting a tradition (begun last year) of learning new music with the children for them to sing to grandparents etc. at Christmas. Last year we learned these two:
  • Create a Jesse Tree: Last year we used a traditional Advent Calender but this year I want to do a Jesse Tree instead. I’ve made the tree form already and just need to pull together the activities for the month.
  • Go on a date: Our anniversary is in December so I need to arrange a baby-sitter so we can have some time together. Hard to believe it’s been six years already!
  • Write a blog post for each day. I spent some time the past two days mapping out the posts I plan to write this month and writing them on my whiteboard calender with colored markers. I do enjoy crossing them off and it helps a lot to know what topic or category I need to think of next.
  • Color coded and organized writing schedule!

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