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W is a large child. Not fat really just big- broad shouldered- with a big neck and sturdy legs. I take things out of F’s drawer as he outgrows them and move them right into W’s. A size four will generally need to be rolled at the arms and legs, but will fit beautifully everywhere else!

He is convinced that he can do whatever the other two can and loves to bustle after them or S or I “helping”.

Bustle really is the right word too- proportionally his legs are shorter than the F’s and his movement is very different!

Saturday morning I slept in a little and when I woke up called down to S that I was up and ready for my morning tea. Immediately I heard:

“Mama, tea! Mama tea!” and the sound of beads going into a plastic cup.


“One, Doo, Dree, Pour, Six” as he counted his way up the steps and into my room with “tea” for Mama.

He was so pleased that he had brought me tea before Papa had! He didn’t want to stay and snuggle – there was activity downstairs he didn’t want to miss.

“Coze de door.” He said and out he went back downstairs to the action.

Tea making is very important right now. If I say, “Oh I’m tired.” he will bustle up with a cup of beads. The blue ones are the tea, the green ones are the sugar and the white is the milk (which by the way he leaves out if the tea is for S as S doesn’t take milk in his tea!). Such a detailed imagination!

He’s so placid too. The other day the bigger two were doing something in the back yard that he kept getting into the middle of. The solution? Strap him to the playhouse with a bungee cord and his overall strap! Did he mind? Not at all, in fact he seemed fairly convinced it was some kind of joke!

He is two and we do have little tantrums, meltdowns and testings (“I know they said ‘Don’t touch’ but did they really mean it?”) but all in all he is just a pleasure to be around and the happiest person in the household!

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