The Current State of Things

This is a “no school” week since we had grandparents here on Monday and I have an amazing amount of organizing and cleaning that I need to do! Maybe its my German ancestry but I am convinced that if I only had things organized properly and put away and the right schedule in place things would run smoothly around here.

I’m probably wrong.? After all in addition to the stuff necessary to feed, clothe, and educate I also have to deal with three budding personalities. Each is unique and although I can occasionally say to S “Oh remember, we went through this at this age with __.” the truth is that they are amazingly different. So W learned to? walk and climb out of crib and playpen simultaneously instead of giving us time to get used to the walking before learning to get out of bed and into mischief.? And Su has hit the same mischief stage that F went through at three but her’s is almost entirely composed of pestering her brothers. (Although I still need to ask her how the baby shampoo bottle got emptied of shampoo and filled with water last night…).

So if you walked into my house just now, you would see that I still have some clean-up from last night’s open house supper, that the utility/laundry room is much tidier but I still have laundry to fold, and that the upstairs needs some help!

But I have a credenza with four deep drawers coming sometime this week for the office, and that’s part of the reason for the mess as I’ve torn the office apart in order to make best use of the new furniture. I’m continuing to dejunk the place (amazing what we moved that we really shouldn’t have!)

So theoretically by the end of the week, more things should have more proper places, and we can jump back into school next week with increased efficiency.

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