The Job I Hate The Most

Two weeks ago an old friend came to help me for a few days and I realized yet again how bad I am at organizing things, and how much I really hate it and find it confusing to try.

In this house we have a room we refer to as the “Utility Room” since the furnace, water heater and electric panel are there. Also crammed into that space are two freezers, a wall of pantry shelves and the washer and dryer. The large stuff can only go where it is, but in the year we have been here I have “organized” it several times only to have it return to chaos within a week!

We have to be able to walk through there to get into the back yard, so when L was here I turned her loose on the space. I don’t know what she did (and by the way it only took a couple of hours) but that space is now organized and has stayed that way for two weeks! When I went out there today to start the laundry I noticed one bag of stuff out of place- one bag- when formerly I couldn’t walk without stepping on stuff! L, I don’t know how you knew where to put things but thank you!

Now of course I have a conundrum though- we need to rearrange the use of the upstairs sometime between now and May, moving our bedroom from the little room in the back into the front bedroom (now the office/schoolroom), moving Su into the little bedroom which will also function as a guest room and changing the current children’s room into the boys room (not very hard it just means putting both boys into the bunk bed). The problem is- I’ve never had the office and school stuff organized to my satisfaction, and while we mostly do school downstairs these days there is still a lot of stuff to store that we use but not daily…and I’m not good at figuring out what to do with things…

I am pretty sure at this point that we have very little extra stuff. I can’t just put it all into closets because there aren’t enough closets. Any ideas, anyone?

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