The Last Week

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End of August and time to finish all the projects that have gone unfinished! The painting of the downstairs is completed except for the bathroom and the little side entry alcove. Can’t decide what to do there so we’ll leave it until next year. The schoolroom got a fresh coat of paint too, and cabinets along one wall for storage. Hopefully the blackboards and bulletin boards will get hung this weekend and it will all be ready for us by next Tuesday.


Working the plan


This week I have one major project to complete, two service people to schedule, a couple of church meetings, a bunch of printing and organizing for school and co-op and hopefully a couple of expeditions!



Finish assembling and moving bunk beds around. This is halfway done since we started last night. The boys’ twin over full is out of the house (to be picked up by a friend later this week), the twin over twin that was in the girls’ room has been disassembled and moved into the boys’ room, and mostly reassembled. The new twin over twin for the girl’s room is awaiting assembly.

Clean up everyone’s bedroom and drawers and hang bulletin boards in both bedrooms.

Put the bedroom doors back on that Buggle and I removed last night when we were attempting to move the halves of the bunk bed without disassembling them. It didn’t work- 29 inch door ways just won’t accommodate 30 inch bed heads!

Do our Fifteen Minute Four Room Rotation (Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms). Plus one room from Wednesday’s rotation since hopefully we’ll be out of the house that day!


Finish organizing the schoolroom

Print stuff for school/ co-op

Make phone calls – schedule the tree work in the front yard and a chimney inspection/ cleaning, register four children for a combination gym and swimming lessons class at the YMCA, go past the pediatricians office and pick up Jack’s physical for preschool.

Attend Parish Council meeting in order to offer some input to the appointment of a new priest.

Fifteen Minute/ Four a Day Rotation for Tuesday (Porch, Basement Toy Area, Laundry Area, Sewing Area) and one from Wednesday’s Rotation.



Daisy can now wear a floatie so we’re going to go get one beach day in on the Long Island Sound in Rhode Island. I’m hoping to leave about 8 am so we can be there by 10 am when the beach opens and spend the day.


Keep working on organizing and printing stuff for school/co-op. I’m trying to have everything for the semester printed and filed before we start so there aren’t any holdups due to my not being prepared!

Visit Jack’s preschool and meet his teacher! He’s just going two mornings a week, but I think it is going to be so good for him to have something that none of the big kids do too.

Fifteen Minute/ Four a Day Rotation (Trash Area, Yard, Project Table, Bookshelves) plus one from Wednesday.

Soccer practice for Buggle (and maybe Bull, I haven’t heard from his coach yet so I’m not sure).


Finish the Schoolroom (we start Tuesday so I could do some stuff on Monday but I’m hoping to just have a family day then).

Go to Bible Study, run any errands that need running.

Fifteen Minute/ Four a Day Rotation (Schoolroom, Master Bedroom, Boys’ Room, Girls’ Room) and the last room from Wednesday’s rotation.


Boys have soccer practice.

Girls and I are hopefully going to go to a town wide yard sale nearby.

Hopefully we’ll get the blackboards and bulletin board hung in the schoolroom.


What’s your plan?




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