The Sunflower

The garden bed in front of the house faces south and tends to be hot and dry. This year I decided to plant it with tall, heat tolerant things and installed a soaker hose. My hope was that enough plants would grow up to shade at least some of the front porch and (hopefully) keep the house cooler.

This is what happened:

Yes that is a sunflower that is nearly as tall as the porch roof. S is 6’4″ so that gives you an idea.

The leaves are about as big as S’s two hands and inspired a set of math problems the other night involving the relative sizes of other family members’ hands.

I also planted eggplant in that bed. The plants are chest high on me and are producing nicely.

Since I count on my garden for mental health as well as some food, I am being blessed this summer by these beautiful reminders of God’s faithfulness in the details of life!

I Live in An Antbed
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  1. WOW!!!! That is AMAZING!! Way to go!!! Thank you so much for linking up! And it is nice to see a picture of Mr. S. 🙂

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