The Weekly Plan (and link-up): July 1

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Not too bad this week!

Not too bad this week!

I do love all those black cross outs! Plus we managed a date night and got the children signed up for some day camps over the next month! This will mean I have to revise some of my school plans (and school hasn’t even started yet!) but I think the classes will be good for everyone.

Buggle is going to take one class on simple machines and one on drawing based on seeing the shapes of things.

Mouse is taking a drawing class and a textiles class (which she is very excited about).

Bull will be going to a month-long half-day preschool program which I think is a good choice for him. He needs some social skills work as he tends to go off by himself since other children have trouble understanding what he says. He’ll also get swimming lessons there which will be great and S can drop him off on the way to work.

All of this will make us kind of busy in a running-around way but I’m looking forward to having some focused time with certain children as well as (hopefully) the chance to get a little ahead on some writing and sewing…

With all of that said, here’s the plan for this week! Feel freee to link-up in the comments or on the Facebook page. I really enjoy and am encouraged by all that you all have going on!

Weekly plan July 1

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