The Weekly Plan (and Link-Up): June 17th

Here’s the plan for the week:

Weekly Plan June 16th

I added a section for the blog posts I have in mind to write, as I often have ideas and then can’t remember them when the time comes to actually sit down and write!

Wednesday and Thursday will be our busy days this week. Chiropractor for me Wednesday morning, then our regular Open House Supper in the evening and on Thursday the commemorative evensong and Eucharist we’ve been planning for a while. The service is at 7 pm and the choir is to be there at 6 pm for a final rehearsal and warm-up. S is supposed to be making his amazing chocolate caramel tart for the reception afterwards and he will probably need to just meet us at church as he often doesn’t get home until about 6:30. And I’ll be grocery shopping /errand running that morning! Definitely a day for a crock-pot meal!

Now here’s the fun part! I found it really helpful last week to post my plans on Monday and report on what I actually accomplished on Saturday! So helpful in fact that I thought some of you might want to do that too.

So if you run a blog, do a post on your plans for the week and post a link to it here (in the comments as I haven’t got Link Tools up and running yet). If you don’t run a blog but still want to participate you can post on the Sticks, Stones and Chicken Bones Facebook page, either with a comment on what you’ll be doing or a photo of your list/plan!

Then on Saturday I’ll post what I managed to get done and you can too! Looking forward to seeing what you’re planning and encouraging one another to keep going on these busy summer days.

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