Thinking About Next Year

With the Virginia Homeschool Convention only two months away and a baby coming in the middle of that time I’ve been trying to pull together some preliminary thoughts for school next year- particularly in for unit studies in History/geography and Science.

I’d really like to go into the year with everything printed out and filed ready to go. It’s one thing I learned this year, when I don’t have things ready to go, they don’t tend to get done on time!

I’m planning on three History/Geography Units:

The Fifty States – which I’ll need some printables for but pretty much have already.

Explorers and Exploration- which I have a text for but nothing else

Roanoke and Jamestown- which I have nothing for yet!

One thing I do want to do is make a time-line, so I need to find a model for that.

I also need to find/make:

Blank maps: World, USA and individual states

Color Portraits of Explorers as well as black and white copies to be colored

Texts for Roanoke and Jamestown. I may use Clyde Robert Bulla’s book about Pocahontus for one text but don’t have anything on Roanoke yet.

I know many of you are homeschoolers: What have you used and what do you like or dislike about the materials you’ve tried? F and Su will be in second and first grade respectively.

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2 Responses to Thinking About Next Year

  1. I absolutely love Beautiful Feet materials. Especially the geography unit study book that uses Holling C. Holling books.
    Otherwise, we just keep a timeline binder and a map binder and whenever we read something or study something that can be added, we add it. For instance, while reading Hans Brinker we did some studying on Holland, mapped it, added Mary Mapes Dodge to our timeline, etc. If we have the inclination we might put together a lap book about the topic as well.
    Happy planning!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      Seems like I’ve heard of those…we have Minn of the Mississippi…but I don’t think the children find it that interesting yet…Thanks…K

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