Thought Challenge 2

In many circles people are asking questions about modesty. What is it? Who should be modest? and so on…

As I think of my own upbringing and listen to the current conversations on the subject I wonder:

How do you teach modesty (for girls or boys) without teaching poor body image? Is this a real concern? Does the body matter? Where is the line between wearing clothes that make us appreciate the wonder of our bodies while not making our bodies and looks our sole or even our primary focus?


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  1. Timothy Diller says:

    I suggest that the body really does matter. We all are at different levels of development of the art and form of our physical body. We learn where are bodies come in the pecking order of the human spectrum and we ultimately wear clothes more for accent than for cover. In public some of us actually look better with clothes on than with out. Just get a feel for what seems good and appropriate for your children and that will be what is the most “modest” for them.

    I think modesty is ultimately determined by what is considered the most appropriate by yourself and your peers.

    Personally I think some people with really good form are modest with no clothes on. The public appreciates the personal contribution of art and beauty that these people make and lets them know by giving them applause and admiration. That is why some people have no shame of the show of their form.

    To me clothes accent those of us with less glamorous bodies, and modesty is the psychologic analog to clothes. It is very ingenious and way to appeal to etiquette and culture to compensate for what we don’t have physically. We can’t have pride in our bodies because we don’t have great form so we develop this alternate pride in our appropriate cover. In this light modesty is a very clever psychological invention. What we don’t have in physical form we make up in wit of culture.

    My suggestion again would be teach them pride of body image, teach them stewardship of their bodies, so they maintain very appealing bodies. Then show off their bodies as much as you can and stay in good taste with your social community and you will have the ace in the hole. If this still requires wearing some clothes, say that it is for modesty’s sake.

    I think even the most conservative man who is so staunch concerning modesty is in his psyche still very enlivened by the glimpses of the beautiful nudes that he happens to see by times.

    For myself I wear fewer clothes than I once did but still wear some because I think I just look better that way. Tell Sam I said “Hi.”

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