Thought Challenge: Privilege or Duty

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I was talking to some people recently and reading some things and it struck me quite strongly that there are really only two ways to look at life: either it is an amazing gift and privilege meant to be developed to it’s fullest in whatever calling or vocation we find ourselves suited and called to, or it is something to be endured in such a way that our faithful act of endurance will earn us a better hereafter.

The side you choose determines how you interact with every circumstance. Trials when viewed as part of the development of the amazing gift of my life do indeed seem “momentary and light”? at least in retrospect. Trials when I believe that life in this world is supposed to be drudgery more than goodness are indeed only to be expected.


Eschatology does? indeed inform the way we live, no matter what our faith or belief system. What does yours tell you about your life? Is it a gift or a burden?

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