Through The Doldrums?

So we had a week of sickness and a week of recovering from sickness/cleaning up the house. That was spring break. And the weather finally has started to feel spring-like which means I have a little more energy and a little more creative spark! Now I just have to hold myself back a bit or I’ll start a lot of things and finish few of them!

Next week we’ll have four days of school, then I’ll head to my first ever blogging conference! I’m alternately excited and worried. I don’t much care for crowds and especially crowds where I don’t know anyone. Plus I’ll be taking a combination of the train, the DC metro and a bus to get there, all of which I’ve never done solo, which is also somewhat nerve-wracking. I did want to leave S with the car, as he’ll have all four children on Saturday and Sunday (they’ll go to a neighbor’s house on Friday) and being able to take them to the playground may be just the ticket.

One thing I’ve been fretting about is getting a chance to get some sewing done before the conference! I’ve been weeding my wardrobe pretty ruthlessly lately, (and had a bunch of dresses decide that ten years was plenty long enough to be worn!). I have one dress in progress but need a couple of solid hours to finish it and couldn’t see where the time was going to come from unless I ditched school one day in favor of sewing.

Then yesterday I stopped at a thrift store to look for a desk for Bull, and decided to just check the clothes, as I hadn’t looked at the clothing selection at that store before. $12.86 later I had two jumpers and a dress for Mouse and two dresses and three jumpers for me! That’s what I call provision!

The children have been spending every available minute outside. Jack has gotten into going outside too and gets rather upset if the others are in the yard and he’s in the house. I’m not quite ready to let him outside by himself yet, so I either go out and work on the yard or detail one of the big children to watch him, while I keep a sharp ear on things.

Today S is taking the big two on a bike ride, while the little boys stay homes with Mama. I’m looking forward to spending some time just with Bull while Jack naps, and maybe even getting the back yard cleaned up! So happy for spring weather a last.

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5 Responses to Through The Doldrums?

  1. Linda T says:

    love the reading list on the side of your blog!

  2. Stef Layton says:

    so excited to meet you!

  3. Kendra says:

    And *I* am so happy to hear you happy! 🙂

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