It’s Spring! Time for Yard Work, and Planning My Trip to Virginia and the HEAV Convention (with a Giveaway)


It’s April and time for me to plan my annual trip to Virginia!

I’m so excited to be spending a bit more than two weeks visiting friends and family (including a visit to my sister at Poplar Spring Farm) and finishing with the HEAV Convention!

This fall will be our sixth year of homeschooling (I think… I’m never quite sure how to count the years when Buggle was a toddler/preschooler…we did do formal lessons but not in a daily schedule) and I’ll be teaching sixth, fifth, second and preschool as well as wrangling the very active Daisy!

So cute, and such a monkey! Walking and climbing at ten months!

So cute, and such a monkey! Walking and climbing at ten months!

I feel like this past year we finally found a schedule and approach that works most of the time (actually I suspect it’s mostly that the children are slightly older and more mature). I want to build on that schedule and approach in the 2016-2017 school year, and will be looking for curricula that is either and continuation of subjects started in 2015-2016 or that compliment what we used in some way.

The children are excited too- seeing their cousins and friends in Virginia, plus two days of the Convention Children’s Program?is quite a lot of fun to anticipate!


In other news I’ve been working on the yard. A friend came and put up a stretch of fence for me last week and now I’m working on sorting out the backyard as a playspace ( a tree house and obstacle course are in the works) as well as starting some garden beds (outside the fenced back yard where they are less likely to be trampled!).

Yesterday the children and I spent the morning working the yard and the afternoon was SO quiet and peaceful! Everyone napped or read quietly and I even managed a short nap myself!

As I always do I’m giving away a Family Pass to the HEAV Convention in June. Enter by commenting on this post, and other posts throughout the week. You can enter each day and on Friday, April ?22, ?Jack or Daisy will draw a name out of a hat and reveal the winner!

Today’s Comment Topic is: What are you doing to finish the school year and enjoy the beautiful spring weather?

Good Luck!






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