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This morning I am researching developmental stages, partly out of curiousity, and partly because I am trying to get an idea of the important ages/stages of social development in order to think through F’s schooling needs.

Just now I was reading about brain development on several sites and learned that toddlers (18 months- 3 years old) process information twice as fast as adults! Yikes! No wonder they are often on to the next thing before I figure out what they’re currently doing.

I keep wondering how their development is effected by being so close in age. F didn’t play imaginatively (pretend) until he was about 20 months, but S already had the concept of pretending to eat off of their play dishes when she was about ten months and W at ten months not only understands that part of the game but also understands that before you can eat you have to cook!

He takes a little spoon and toy pot and “stirs” then offers people bites while smacking his lips together. He will also do this to the baby dolls.? Pretty elaborate imaginative play for a ten month old, but he watches the other two and wants to do what they do.

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