Two Weeks of Silence

Any blogger out there will tell you that not blogging for a couple of weeks with no explanation of why is not a good way to build traffic! It’s true, but sometimes life intervenes and the blog goes right down to the bottom of the possible-to-get-done list!

Last week was one of those weeks and this week has been spent in recovery mode! Lots of unexpected things going on including Jack coming down with the croup, and the croup landing him in the ER on Thursday afternoon and then again on Saturday morning. He ended up with an overnight hospital stay, Saturday night, but is much better now.
This week we concentrated on getting back into a normal routine. Three days of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, one day of unit study and Science, and then today is housecleaning and project day.

Getting back into a normal routine always means reminding certain children that the rules didn’t mysteriously disappear while we were off routine, so Monday was quite an interesting day…

Today I’ll do laundry, go to the grocery store, clean house, do some planning for next week’s lessons and activities, including our next outing to the VMFA, and maybe even think about Advent and Christmas a little bit! I’ve got a little mental list of things I want to do, but that’s as far as that has gotten.

I made a new list of article ideas the other day so hopefully I’ll get a chance to draft some of those. That is a multi-step process for me- write a list of ideas, write an expanded list of shorthand drafts, write the actual article. Figure out whether I want to publish it here or submit it to another site for publication, come up with another list of ideas and repeat…

Anyway I’m still here, and things are pretty much back to normal…K

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  1. Brandee says:

    God bless, Friend! I just derailed, myself!

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