Unit Study: Explorers (More Marco Polo)

After stopping for a couple of weeks to adjust to some schedule changes (the big children now have two out-of-the-house classes every week) we picked back up with Explorers this past week! I’ve been reading aloud a biography of Marco Polo so while I read the big children colored pictures and made posters of some of the things Marco Polo saw on his travels.

Buggle in particular did a very careful job and I’m already planning to use this technique for a few other parts of our study.

I wrote the title of the poster and the labels of their pictures on the black board for them to copy. Not too worried about neatness at this point, I’m mostly trying to give them idea of presenting information this way.

They each had a yurt/ger, a portrait of Kublai Khan and a drawing of the Great Wall of China.

They were very pleased to show their completed posters to S last night and tell him about them. Now I just need to find somewhere to hang them!

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