Unit Study: Explorers (Viking Coins and Marco Polo)

This past week the weather finely got warm enough for us to finish our viking “coins”

Viking Coins: Silver spray paint and hot glue on cardboard disks.

The one on the left has an “S” for Mouse and the one on the right has an “F” for Buggle. It was remarkably difficult to do that with a hot glue gun!

I also had them write a couple of sentences about Leif Ericsson in their log books along with their own names spelled out in runes.

Then we jumped forward 200 years to Marco Polo!

I want to give him his own post but so far we have:

Read a couple of books about him

Added a map of his travels to the log books

Colored pictures of things he might have seen on his journeys

Talked about where spices that we take for granted came from and why they were so special….

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