Virtuous Cycle

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As I wrote the other day, we decided early on that the children needed to be included in the life and work of the family as much as possible as soon as possible. “Helping” needed to actually be helpful not just make work and we have been walking through figuring out how to accomplish that goal for four years now. One of the tricky pieces with F and Su has been starting them with regular jobs, or rather with the idea that at certain times of the day we all work together to clean up etc.

One of the reasons for this has been simply that I’m not naturally a person of routine but another factor has been that they had no older siblings for an example. I wondered how or even if this would change with W.

I think I can say at this point that we have begun a virtuous cycle. That is that W modeling himself on his older siblings accepts as completely normal that we should do chores and clean up at certain times of the day.

At this point his ambition rather outstrips his ability but he is fairly dedicated to working if the others are working. Here he is helping with the dishwasher this morning:

W helps with chores.

Can I help?

Putting away the dishes.

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