W: Two Years Old

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His birthday was three days before Christmas and I’ve had the pictures for this post loaded since then but haven’t written it! Today though we go back to our regular schedule, S returns to work, F returns to school and I have a few minutes to write about W!

He continues to be big for his age. I regularly move clothes F has outgrown straight into W’s drawer. He is stockier than his brother so I frequently have to roll pants’ legs and shirt sleeves but waists and shoulder widths tend to be perfect!

He is very affectionate and people oriented. If one of his siblings is upset he likes to “clown” for them or else cuddle them enthusiastically (which in Su’s case sometimes means he pushes her over since he’s so big compared to her!).

His current favorite things are: food (almost any variety will do as long as there’s plenty!), cars (one to ride on, and about a dozen matchbox which he carries around), school (by which he generally means coloring) and his bear ( a gift from a friend last year and his inseparable companion).

Here’s a glimpse of W at two:

Car cake made by a friend

New trucks- two weeks later they all have names!

Sleeping with bear- he can sleep anywhere

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