What a Week! What a Week!

Just nine days to go before #4 appears and all I can say is “I hope we’ve exhausted our share of surprises for a while.”

Monday: The water pump went on the van as I was coming back from dropping F off at his preschool program. Loud clunk followed by no battery and no power steering, as well as a rapidly climbing temp gauge! In order to get home I needed to merge onto a heavily trafficked road in order to return to my side of the river. This was a little tricky with no power steering but we managed to limp back into the neighborhood and park.

Walked home, called the mechanic, called the towing company, called the neighbor to say ” Our van is broken down in front of the fire hydrant in front of our house. The tow truck is on the way but please keep your eye out.”

Walked back to meet the tow truck, paid the driver and watched him load up the van to the sound of W’s wails “I need the van…I need the car.” He was really upset. I explained that the driver was taking the van to the mechanic for repair and then we’d get it back, but he was inconsolable until we got home and I could call S and he could explain the situation to W. Why are Papa explanations so much better?

About then I realized that W had a fever (102.7), so started him on some Tylenol and sat down to do school with Su. That actually went pretty well and a friend who lives near F’s school was able to bring him home, which actually he found pretty cool, since she doesn’t drive and they took the bus!

The mechanic knows we are a one car family and managed to get the car fixed by evening. Another neighbor came and stayed with the children while her partner gave me a ride to pick up the vehicle and I breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems like something happened on Tuesday but I can’t remember what it was besides W being sick and wanting to sit on my lap all day.

4 am Wednesday morning, he fell out of bed, and managed to cut his head on a toy! He really has a talent for head wounds I think. Cleaned him up and went back to bed, everyone went back to sleep except me, and I was just drifting off at 5:30 am when he woke up and started yelling for me. I figured he had rolled over onto the bump on his head, but no. When I got in there I found that somehow he had managed to wet his bed despite having a nearly dry diaper on! At this point I just took him downstairs and gave up on sleep!

Wednesday he broke out in a rash and the fever went away so I figure he has Roseolla, which is nearly gone. Wednesday evening I had the blessing of a massage which a friend of mine had arranged for me. What a blessing!

Yesterday was my usual bi-weekly errand running day.

S has been late several nights this week. He’s trying to finish things up for the week the baby comes, so work won’t be calling him constantly.

F is missing his “Papa-time” so we’ll have to make sure he gets some this weekend. W is feeling better but still clingy and I only managed two days of school this week :-(.

After writing it all down it seems like the craziness was rather a lot, but truly God has been faithful. I’ve been sleeping much better since the massage. Despite needing more attention and holding F has been remarkably well behaved and he and Su have both pitched in to help while I held W!

Su is eagerly counting down the days until the baby, and she also got her own library card this week, now that she can read.

I am hoping that next week is saner but not worrying about it too much.

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2 Responses to What a Week! What a Week!

  1. WOW! That was intense! Bless your heart! Wish I were closer, I’d take the kids and lump them in with all of ours. They’d entertain each other and you and I could prop our feet up and smile. 🙂 I’m thankful you have friends to help out. And it’s only a few more days until #4 arrives! WoooHoooo! The suspense is killing me! hahaha! Thank you for linking up.

  2. K_Steinmann says:

    I am sure F in particular would be fascinated by all the snakes etc. He’s taking a class on cold-blooded creatures at our local nature center in July and is just thrilled to be learning about snakes…fortunately our house is too small to allow him to keep any. Also I’ve promised Su that tanks of bugs for cleaning bones will come before snakes!…K

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