Who am I

I started teaching when I was 16 and have taught in a
variety of settings including a one room school with 1st through 8th
grades and a residential treatment facility for troubled adolescent
boys. Along the way I became very interested in education and
development from the earliest ages (a good thing as I now have three
preschoolers ages 3, 2 and 7 months). As I have looked at curriculum and
activities I realized that there was very little material available
for integrating preschoolers into home-schooling.

Many of the ideas I saw didn?t make learning an everyday activity or
foster curiosity and creativity in the child. I believes that it
is very important to a child?s development to include them in family
activities and to make learning a regular part of the day (although
this may not always include a formal school time).

Many of today?s children are being raised to believe that they are
owed entertainment etc by the world around them, instead of being
encouraged to develop the abilities to entertain and educated
themselves as useful creative, members of society.

My philosophy has led her to create a blog and business to
encourage parents to help their children learn to be makers and not
takers as they grow into their place in the world.

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