Wondering What It Will Be Like

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I checked the weather in Massachusetts this morning- snowing and cold ( a high of 14 F today). Not quite what I’m used to having lived in Virginia my entire life!

I’ve visited up North but mostly in the summer and the times we did go in the winter it was only for a few days and usually around the holidays so there was plenty to do indoors. Also I was a kid and thought snow was awesome!

The children are excited by it of course, but I know that some days it will just be too cold and some days they will be tired of snow. Some of that won’t be too different from here- there are days (sometimes weeks in January) when it is just too wet and cold to play outside.

That’s been hard in this small house. They need to burn off energy and make noise and I can only handle so much before my head (and my mood) want to explode! We do some dancing and I keep a Pinterest board of rainy day activities but sometimes we just need to get out of the house!

Here in RVA we go to the library. We used to go to the Science Museum but the exhibit on engineering and building was replaced last year by an exhibit on keeping the body healthy which is mentally interesting to the children but which they are physically too small to interact with well as it was designed for middle schoolers.

I’ve been doing a lot of Internet research on our new town- trying to find things to do that don’t cost much but give us options beyond our own four walls!

Of course I’ll have to learn to handle the van in snow- but they do plow/salt etc so I’m not too worried about that.

I’m trying to figure out too what will need to change in our routine and chores to accommodate a larger space with one extra floor (the basement), several more rooms, and different organization. I know I won’t really figure that out until we are up there and somewhat settled but I want to have at least some ideas so that I can rebuild our routines as quickly as possible.

All in all I have lot to do and a lot on my mind! In just ten days we’ll be there and I can start to sort it all out! Frightening and Exciting….

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