Working The Plan: August 5,2013

Working the plan

Last week’s plan was made, but not really followed- a small matter of a baby with an ear infection, and an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, which thankfully was very mild!

Bull and Buggle had camps last week but I kept Bull home two days and Buggle home one which completely threw off my planned “shopping bootcamp” for Mouse. Oh well, illness is unpredictable and no one was very sick so I’ll just have to roll with it!

The two highlights of the week were having a guest post on Meet Penny (about chewing as a sensory integration issue) that was very well received (over 200 pins as of Sunday afternoon!) and taking a lightening fast trip to Pennsylvania on Saturday to get a replacement vehicle for our trusty Dodge Caravan!

We’ve had the Caravan since Mouse was about 6 weeks old (almost six years) and have really outgrown it in terms of people having longer legs and needing more room on long trips (S’s parents are 10.5 hours away). So we were very happy to find a Grand Caravan with extra cargo space on the lot of the dealer we’d bought the Caravan from and hope that it will make our journeying much easier for at least a bit. I suspect we’ll have to replace it with a short bus or something eventually- these children are going to have really long legs as teens!

This week:

Monday: Bull has his last week of Preschool Camp and Mouse gets to take one more art camp, this one dealing with textiles which she is beyond excited about! I’m planning some special biggest boy and Mama things for this week, including (hopefully) building the boys a Lego table which will roll under their bed when not in use!

  • Pick up my canning equipment from one friend and take it to another
  • Pick up and process blueberries
  • Do some weeding, harvesting and staking in the home garden and our community garden plot
  • Call and see if I can get a case of eggplant and one of cucumbers from my favorite farmer at the market this week
  • Tuesday:

    Bull and Mouse to camp.

  • Go to Lowes and get the paint I need for the Lego table, also casters
  • Farmer’s Market: pick up vegetables, pick beans
  • If cucumbers available slice and soak for B&B Pickles
  • Cook ahead for weekly open house
  • Wednesday:

    Bull and Mouse to camp.

  • Process pickles
  • Cook for open house
  • Mark out Lego table and let Buggle paint it
  • Nap
  • Thursday:

    Bull and Mouse to camp, Buggle and Jack have a babysitter that morning.

  • Spend morning with my wonderful tech support/hosting service, updating blog
  • Detail old Caravan and photograph for craigslist
  • Friday:

  • Tidy house for weekend
  • List old Caravan on craigslist
  • Nap
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