Working The Plan: Back To School After Christmas Break

Working the plan


Aaahh! Time to resume our “normal” life after the holidays! The schoolroom move is nearly complete and I’m ready to get back into lessons and regular chores! I’m not sure if the children are as ready as I am, but I think they are.

Here’s a brief run down of the week:



  • Start school again in our new space, keeping the assignments a bit on the light side so everyone can learn the new routines of the new space.
  • Do the chores on the charts and inspect the results. Give teaching and training where needed. Work on doing a complete job the first time, and picking up as we go along.
  • 20 week ultrasound
  • Bull starts back to dance
  • Plan the meals for the week
  • Do some writing



  • School and chores
  • No errands or appointments
  • Work on cleaning up the basement
  • Do something creative
  • Writing
  • Supposed to be really cold so plan some things to keep the children busy and active
  • RCIA in the evening?
  • Make a cake for Three Kings Day and bless the house



  • School and chores
  • No errands or appointments
  • Work on the basement again (it’s really bad!)
  • Take down the Christmas tree
  • Make copies for Story of the World for the next couple of weeks while working in the basement since that’s where the materials are.



  • School and chores
  • Big three start Swim and Gym again
  • Run errands with Jack during Swim and Gym? I might just stay home and do a sewing project- two hours is a good chunk of time!
  • Writing- I have a bunch of projects I’m trying to finish before May!




  • Bible study/ homeschool group
  • Doctor’s appointment for me
  • Dance for Mouse
  • Grocery store while Mouse is at dance
  • Definitely a crockpot day!


I think that’s it. Two doctor’s appointments in one week probably wasn’t the best planning but in a way I’d rather have a super full week every once in a while than keep having one interruption to our routine every week.

What are you planning on? Please share in the comments, including links to your own blog if you have one or on the Facebook Page.

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