Working The Plan: January 23-28, 2017



This week is already off to a different start since the toddler woke up with a fever this morning…

Thankfully my lessons for co-op were all planned and ready and one of the other teachers was able to cover my classes.

It was a very different feeling to drop the four older children off and come home with the toddler!

She did sleep for about 45 minutes and I was able to print some of next week’s Biology lesson for co-op and spend about thirty minutes cleaning in the basement.

Meals This Week:

I am really happy with my menu plan! I’ve planned out several months, with a few goals in mind:

  • Use the crockpot on co-op day (Monday) so that dinner is half cooked when we get home around 1. This frees me up at evening chore time to do a few things to set us up for the rest of the school week
  • Have the Little Boys (7 and 4.5) help with cooking dinner on Tuesdays while the older two are at choir. I’ve planned meals that have components that they can cook or give major assistance on, and I try to plan my day to have extra time to have them in the kitchen with me
  • On Wednesdays one of the older two cooks dinner. Main dish and a couple of sides. My goal here is to have each of them develop a repertoire of meals that they know how to cook from start to finish.
  • Thursdays we eat “creatively recombined meals” (leftovers!). I try to leave the fridge clear for S since he cooks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

January’s menu looks like this:



Tasks To Accomplish:

I try to keep this to 10-15 distinct items, as that seems to be what’s actually doable…

  1. Make sure we do our Four Rooms a Day Cleaning Rotation! We’ve slipped a bit on this since Christmas and I need to make sure we really are doing the tasks and I’m really inspecting them!
  2. Clean the basement: it got rather messy over the break and I need to pack up a bunch of stuff that is just being scattered instead of used. I made some progress on that today but I need to do another 2-3 thirty minute stints down there
  3. Cut out Mouse’s dress for Irish Dance
  4. Make a CD for French practice
  5. Finish doing the printing for the next couple of weeks of school and co-op
  6. Write discussion questions for Middle School Sunday School/CCD
  7. Email my mother
  8. Think about a rotation for snacks and breakfasts- the children are always wanting to eat something and I’m somewhat out of ideas
  9. Finish one book from my reading list- probably the one on Montessori for Parents
  10. Write three blog posts for the Home Educators Association of Virginia blog
  11. Work on teaching Bull how to do blog graphics
  12. Have Buggle take apart a chair that I need to fix
  13. Email someone about participating in their upcoming series of articles on special needs topics
  14. ?Fill in the blank…
  15. Fill in one more blank!


The big two will finish their French book this week, except for the end of book review. We’ll put that off for six weeks or so and concentrate on learning the vocabulary and grammar really well, using the CD that accompanies the book.

Bull has hit the point in reading and phonics where we can double up on lessons without his comprehension suffering. He also has only 36 lessons left in his MEP?and is eager to finish as he has been given a choice of doing Life of Fred or Khan Academy for the rest of the school year.

The weather is supposed to be crummy- ice, sleet, wet snow, and cold so I expect we will do some extra lessons to free up the days of nicer weather!

That’s it for me!

What do you have planned and will you accomplish it?

Play along in the comments or on Facebook!



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