Working The Plan: July 22 (and a ebook bundle)

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Whoa! This week was crazy! Bull and Buggle had classes at different places and at different times, so I left the house three times a day all week! So glad that isn’t normal.

Buggle really enjoyed his science camp, coming home each day with plenty to show and tell us but I was reminded how glad I am that we don’t have to force him to push his limitations as an introvert by going to school all day, every day for nine months out of the year. Monday and Tuesday he seemed OK but by Wednesday evening it was clear that he was starting to feel the strain and Friday morning I seriously considered keeping him home, because he just seemed emotionally fragile. There were a couple of meltdowns due to fatigue and stress, but they were so much smaller than they would have been a year or even six months ago that I feel like he is really making progress is figuring out self-control in difficult situations. It’s exciting to see how he has matured so much in this area.

Bull is not an introvert! He thrives on socialization and gets into the car each day physically tired from his busy morning and completely pumped up, by having been around people! He’s so like me this way! I’m loving watching his growth in confidence as he does something without older siblings around. Three more weeks of this program for him, and I can’t wait to see where he is at the end of it.

We also finally completed the IEP process for his speech delay this week and plan for him to have two half-hour sessions of speech per week through the public school system starting in September. He is already making some progress, including starting to correct himself, which is a great relief, and we expect that by next spring he will pretty much have gotten past this developmental hump.

In spite of all this busyness I did manage to rearrange the children’s bedrooms and finally clean my room/office which was in desperate straits. I can walk all the way around my bed again and use the blackboard up there to plan blog posts, which is a huge improvement. The downstairs suffered a bit while I was doing that, but once I conquered Mount Laundry wasn’t too bad.

Next week won’t be as bad. Only Bull will have a class and the bigs and I can concentrate on school and straightening up the yard and gardens. Who knows, maybe Jack will even start walking?

I actually crossed off a lot more than I thought I would!

I actually crossed off a lot more than I thought I would!

This week should be a bit easier!

This week should be a bit easier!

Finally, I’ve been really enjoying the various ebook bundles of the week I’ve had access to this summer and thought that you all might get some benefit from this week’s bundle which is all about planning, organizing and managing your home. Although I’m very happy with my Well-Planned Day planner for school and most other things, I always like to keep my eyes open for ideas especially when it comes to managing the paperwork that seems to inevitably accompany modern life (and especially homeschooling!).

Lisa Woodruff’s Ten Steps to Organized Paper has been very helpful to me in deciding what to keep (and for how long), what to pitch, and particularly what to do with those papers that aren’t “important” but I still want to hang onto. It’s part of this week’s ebook bundle, along with the printables pack from Mandi Ehman of forms and checklists (and you all know how much I love checklists!)., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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