Rereading Tom Wright For All God’s Worth this week… slowly… instead of in a gulp the way I read it last time…..

A few quotes to ponder from the first chapter:

Worship is nothing more nor less than love on its knees before the beloved; just as mission is love on its feet to serve the beloved – and just as Eucharist is love embracing the beloved and so being strengthened for service.? (pg 9)

…if your idea of God, if your idea of the salvation offered in Christ, is vague or remote, your idea of worship will be fuzzy and ill-formed. The closer you get to the truth, the clearer becomes the beauty, and the more you will find worship welling up within you. That’s why theology and worship belong together. The one isn’t just a head-trip; the other isn’t just emotion. (pg 10 emphasis added)


Worship is what we were made for. (pg 13)

In the spirit of worship then- more praises for the grace that keeps filling our days….

  • encouragement from an 80 year old church member yesterday
  • birthday celebration for S
  • F being able to read the first part of Genesis 1 nearly unassisted
  • a clean bill of health for W at UVA
  • comments and discussion on a few posts last week
  • cooler weather
  • rain
  • sewing projects that go smoothly
  • finding overalls for the boys
  • a better evening schedule

and many more things too….

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