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This is more of a philosophical musing than an autobiographical sketch….

I was talking with a writer friend the other day and he mentioned that recently he had found himself too busy for his creative processes to function.

“Oh!”, I said, “I know what you mean. Sometimes I would give almost anything for an hour of uninterrupted thought.”

Later I realized that this is a very important part of why I write. Blogging gives me the chance to commit thoughts to paper in short increments among all of the other things I do. I’ve been thinking and praying a good deal lately about why I blog trying to decide what I’m called to and what looks exciting or even income producing but isn’t for me.

Here’s where I am:

  • this blog isn’t supposed to be a commercial enterprise. I do belong to a couple of affiliate programs for things we use and love and I use affiliate links occasionally, but I’m not going to sell advertising or try to produce an income that way
  • the two things that I love are writing and speaking. With a small circus’ worth of littles at home speaking (other than occasionally) isn’t that feasible right now, so writing is where I need to concentrate my efforts
  • I have been involved with homeschooling pretty much my entire life. I have grave concerns about homeschooling today and I see many areas for encouragement. I need to write more about these things
  • I have firsthand experience of growing up with siblings with learning difficulties and with having children who are on the spectrum or have sensory issues. That experience also needs to be reflected in my writing
  • I know what it is like to struggle with depression in a house full of little children. I need to write about that.
  • Finally, I have a great burden that as parents we look beyond the difficult to the beauty of our children and rejoice in them. They are gifts and unique creations and we need to act as if we believe that so that they can also believe it and in believing that, come to believe in a Heavenly Father who rejoices in them as well.
"We were being otters."

“We were being otters.”

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8 Responses to About

  1. Barbara Duffy says:

    Your philosophy is very interesting.

  2. Courtney Elizabeth says:

    Hello Kyndra! It’s been wonderful meeting you at The Grace Arent’s Community Garden, and talking with you while we get the ground ready for planting. I am so happy to find you as a resource for this particular area as well, as I begin to incorporate learning into the daily life of my own son (19 months). I look forward to reading your info, and to seeing you on a more personal level, too. 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    Nice to meet you at 2to1Conf! Sue

  4. Carol Moore says:

    I love your blog! Will check it out now and then to keep up with you and all your little Steinmanns.

  5. Bev H says:

    Enjoyed your website. I am the newsletter editor for the Home school organization in Manitoba Canada.
    Wondering if I can have permission to use your article “the Inventions Bin” in our newsletter.

  6. Amanda says:

    Where did you get the teething beads in your blog about needing to chew?

    • Kyndra Steinmann says:

      Target in the baby aisle. I cut them apart and strung them on a longer piece of ribbon. I want to say they were about $5- much cheaper than the OT chew stuff I’ve seen online…K

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