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I do belong to a couple of affiliate programs and occasionally will include affiliate links in my posts. I belong to these programs because I like and use these products and would write about them regardless. Belonging to the affiliate program helps keep this blog going, so thank you for clicking on my links!

The programs I belong to currently are:


Grapevine Studies

Bright Ideas Press

Home Educating Family

I also may occasionally run advertising buttons on my sidebar. Again these are for products or services that I use and enjoy and think that others may find helpful.

Making money from this blog is not a high priority for me. I write here because I think that some of the difficulties, situations and joys I deal with are common to parenting and my experience may bless someone else. I also write to have a record of our lives and be able to share with friends and family around the world. I believe that the Lord gives grace in our daily lives, hour by hour and sometimes minute by minute and I want to give a testimony to that grace and share what I am learning in the refining process known as parenting!

For more information about reviews, advertising, or guest posting please contact me at: kfsteinmann @ (remove spaces).

2 Responses to Connect

  1. Holly Agnew says:

    The article kids who chew was great!!! My son is a chewer, he can turn pencils into kindling pretty quickly. Where can I find the teething beads? I live in Massachusetts and think this would help him a lot. Thanks Holly

    • Kyndra Steinmann says:

      I just went in the baby section of Walmart or Target and bought teething beads. They come on a little plastic cord that is too small for a baby to get around his neck. I cut that cord and restring the beads on a ribbon that Mouse can wear. You can also look on Amazon. I know some companies sell toppers for pencils that are designed to be chewed, but we haven’t tried those yet….K

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