Learning Community

We meet as a community so that we can interact with the world of ideas, observing what we can, and discussing what we see and what we have been told as we seek to grow in understanding and wisdom.

We expect students and teacher/parents alike to give their best effort to the work, to be diligent and attentive, and in that respect we are rigorous in our approach. However, we recognize that each student and parent/teacher is a unique person and instead of holding an arbitrary standard of perfection we simply ask that each person make an effort to improve in their execution of their work and to grow in understanding and wisdom.

This year we have chosen to meet as a community on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00- 2:00.  Our aim is to provide more support to each other and more opportunities for our children by all using the same curriculum (www.thecmec.org). Families submit their own paperwork to their school board as indicated by Massachusetts case law, join The CMEC in order to access the curriculum and teacher/parent support and then chose for themselves how they will record progress and spend their Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As we meet on MWF different mothers volunteer to teach lessons from the curriculum and to provide oversight and assistance in the Babyleben and Kinderleben rooms for the little children who are not yet ready for formal lessons.

Costs are based on the needed books and supplies for the class. Parents are either given a list of needed supplies or when bulk purchasing provides a savings, materials are ordered and the mother/teacher is reimbursed.  We also ask each family to contribute to general supplies such as coffee for the moms, paper towels and so on, and to make a donation to the parish where we meet. We are able to keep costs very low because each of us volunteers instead of paying teachers.