Boots for Everyone

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Yesterday it finally rained. We’ve gone for weeks with no rain to speak of now finally we had a rainy day and it looks like we’ll have one today too. Of course after church and naps the children were bursting with energy so Su and F were sent outside to play with their boots on. They got terribly muddy (Su’s dress had to be soaked overnight and I’m not sure it will come clean) and had to have baths. They spent most of their time making? “tea” in various vessels (including the wheelbarrow) with mulch and rainwater.

Last night it rained some more, but back out they went after breakfast, and W wanted to go with them. OK I have plenty of outgrown boots. I found the smallest ones (7) and attempted to put them on him. Nope. His foot wouldn’t go past the toes. So I got out the 8’s and they seem to fit fine. It’s official: his feet are bigger than Su’s!

What could be better than boots and mud?

Covering himself with wet mulch.

Look guys! We can get wet!

Playing with the big kinder.

Giving thanks today:

  • For boots and shoes
  • Rain
  • Cooler Weather
  • An almost cleaned and organized office
  • good talks with S
  • F’s maturity and responsibility level
  • Being almost done with this six weeks of school
  • Su’s love of beauty
  • W’s cheerful personality
  • Patience
  • and many, many more

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3 Responses to Boots for Everyone

  1. Christina says:

    What a fun list! Can’t beat playing in the rain and mud! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cheryl Lage says:

    Gratitude for things big and small is ABSOLUTELY a Monday Maker! Thank you so much for linking up! Hope you will often. 🙂

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