Easter Preparation: Tuesday

Yesterday was kind of quiet. Bull started out the day with a massive pout because Mouse finished putting away the silverware before he finished putting away the plates and bowls. He then proceeded (before lunch) to fall off of his bike, fall of of his trike into a mud puddle (needing a complete change of clothes) and bang his head while walking in the back door! I had hopes that a nap would set him to rights, but after naps he got his foot caught in the laundry basket.

I had a few errands to run and he seemed to be recovering from his bad day while sitting in the grocery cart, but he threw up about five minutes before we arrived home and I realized that he had been feeling just a little off all day which accounted for his extreme number of accidents!

He seems to be somewhat better this morning although he had a good fever in the night and is probably still in the 101.5-102 range. I know he’s not feeling well when all he wants to do is lay in bed and drowse!

Buggle came down with the same thing this morning, so he’s tucked up in my bed and Bull is asleep in his room. Mouse and Jack appear fine so far but I have no great hopes of them escaping this bug- life with young children doesn’t seem to work that way!

Of course this means that our celebration of Easter and Holy Week will be effected. S and I will have to split up in order to get to church Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if the children are still sick. Thankfully there is more than one service on Friday, and we will figure something out for the other days.

We may or may not hold our annual Easter Feast on Sunday. If the boys recover quickly and no one else gets sick we’ll probably go ahead but we’ll cancel if they are still sick tomorrow or Mouse or Jack seem to be coming down with it.I was planning to shop for it on Friday, so at least I don’t have anything bought specially for the event to try to figure out what to do with.

Today will just be a holding pattern. More laundry, more sewing, more house-cleaning worked around caring for two sick boys. If they feel up to it, I’ll probably let them watch videos this afternoon, it’s a good way of keeping them quiet and resting.

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