I lift My Heart

I lift my heart today in praise

To Him who loves me so,

Whose mercy brightens

All my days, and makes my cup o’erflow! (Carrie Breck)

Today my heart is lifted up because:

  • the weather is marginally cooler
  • the children went outside to play for a bit
  • F got to ride bikes with a friend
  • S and F got to take a bike ride/participate in a neighborhood biathlon (F rode the tandem extension and did about 11 miles of the 22 mile course!)
  • I had some time yesterday with no children
  • W has started sleeping through the night consistently at almost 20 months. Yes, I know that’s rather late to sleep through but he was getting hungry around 2 am, now I give him 16 oz. of milk at bedtime and he sleeps!
  • We are settling into our new schedule and it’s working pretty well….

So many gifts and so much love to be returned to the Giver…

Here’s the rest of the song:

Oh have I loved Him as I ought,

For all his gifts to me?

Praise God who doeth naught but good.

For God is good to me!

I’ll count my blessings,

Count them o’er and o’er and o’er

I’ll tell my Father’s goodness

I will love him more,

I’ll count my blessings,bountiful and free

But I can never count them all so good is God to me!


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  1. K_Steinmann says:

    And I’ll add one more thanksgiving to my list…yesterday I had over 100 visitors to this site, a record for me! So thank you to whoever you are/were…I hope the things I have to say bless you…K

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