Jack: Ten Months

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Jack apparently decided that the best way to celebrate being nearly a year old (already?!!) was to wean himself. Cold Turkey. None of that gradually eating more food and drinking less milk for him. Nope, he just quit between naptime and bedtime on Sunday.

So now we’re doing this several times a day.

He loves to try to feed himself.

Things can get kind of messy, so I’ve been making bibs. They are based on an outgrown t-shirt of Bull’s and have sleeves. The fronts are flannel which absorbs nicely and the backs are made from an old sheet. I’m pretty pleased as they work well, make up quickly and wash well too. Besides these two with frogs are so cute!

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4 Responses to Jack: Ten Months

  1. Kendra says:

    As I told Phil last night when I read this, some people get all the breaks. I’m slowly working on Hope. Today was the first time I got her to go down for a nap un-nursed without a major tantrum. I guess that is good progress, but it looks like it could be a wearing several weeks until she makes the break completely. Congratulations!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      Umm, I would not recommend cold turkey. Painful!…Don’t worry she won’t still be nursing when she’s five…K

  2. Kendra says:

    Oh, and the bibs were such a good idea! I guess I haven’t let Hope experiment enough. Everything I do give her promptly gets mashed, rubbed in hair, splashed off the tray, or thrown on the floor. Not much actually gets into her mouth. 😛

    • K_Steinmann says:

      I’m going to try to put together a tutorial with a downloadable pattern. We’ll see how my time goes this week…K

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