My Shopping Companion

Su is blossoming. She has started making the maturity jump that many children make around 4 years old and it is so neat to see. She has suddenly become fascinated with making things. Pipe cleaners, beads, bits of paper, scraps of cloth it’s all fodder for her “making something pretty to look at”.

I have had to restrict the use of art supplies to times when there is supervision after she decorated the walls and door of her room and cut up a dress (while wearing it) and her sheet (while it was on the bed)!

My friend, T, who watches the W and Su two mornings a week is really good at supervising her efforts without giving lots of input and Su comes up with the most interesting projects. She looks at paper and knows how to cut and glue it to make three dimensional objects.

She has an idea about where something like this should hang to “look pretty” too and is starting to have a sense of which candles should go with which table cloths and plates…

She definitely has her own sense of taste and it has become fun to go shopping with her, especially in stores with housewares or fabric.

The other day we went to the store where I buy candles (I like both the selection and the price) and she was awestruck by the number of sizes and colors available. I picked out the tapers I wanted and she said “Can we get one of those big pink ones?” They weren’t too expensive so we got a 9′ pink pillar candle and then took a quick look around the store. In another corner we found that the spring colored tablecloths were on sale, so I picked out the correct size for our table in each color and told her she could pick two. She picked a pastel blue and a lavender telling me “The purple one will look nice with the pink candle.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing how her taste develops over the next few years!

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