It struck me this morning while I was sweeping the floor that forgiveness involves sacrifice. I have to give up my right to be offended at you, my right to have justice and my right to have you punished. When I forgive I must lay all of those things aside in your favor. The thought of sacrifice them led me on to thinking of the Cross. Usually I think of the sacrifice that Christ made there – laying down his very life to be the Bridge that brought life back. This morning though, I thought – God the Father made a sacrifice too, just as big. He laid aside his holy desire to see justice served on the effects of the brokenness of the world and on the world-breakers. He laid aside his offense at the sight of that which is not holy and God-reflecting in order to forgive and heal.

Like the parable of the unjust servant I am then driven to ask: If He could sacrifice so much in order to forgive me, how can I not forgive the little offenses that offend me?

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