Thanksgiving Trip Highlights

Yup, this is what S’s family does for entertainment!

  • Drove down to Kentucky last Monday and back yesterday- about a 10.5 hour drive one way, plus stops. Thanks to a friend who car-pooled with us both trips were remarkably smooth.
  • Went swimming with S’s mother twice. First time I’ve gone swimming in about 15 years! I remembered how (which was a relief) and even did twice as many laps the second day as the first (although the eighth lap was probably one too many, my shoulder has not been real happy since then..)
  • The entire family went to the chiropractor on Wednesday and got adjusted…
  • My sister-in-law,H, made an amazing chocolate and mint creme layer cake. Think of a cake version of those Andes mints…
  • Cousins rode bikes, built block constructions, and played together happily with very few squabbles
  • J ate all the squash and sweet potatoes I would feed him, and screamed when I wouldn’t feed him anymore ice cream
  • J learned to scoot and to get up on his hands and knees and rock. Look out world! He’s on the move!
  • Happy to be home and have a whole week to prepare for Advent…
  • …K

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    2 Responses to Thanksgiving Trip Highlights

    1. Kendra says:

      I hooted with joyous appreciation at the pic 😀 Yay for the S’s!

      Your boy is growing as fast as my girl! At this rate, he’ll probably have a beard next time I see you. 🙂 Hope’s got 4 teeth, plus 2 more almost through. So wags the world away…

      your twin

    2. K_Steinmann says:

      Haha! No teeth yet, but I’m sure they’re not far off….S’s mother stood on her head too, very gracefully, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate my spreading the picture around the internet….K

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