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Tomorrow it will probably be chilly again but today is sunny and warm and Daisy thought the yard was wonderful!

It’s all sawdusty right now since we had most of the big maple back there taken down. It was both rotten and growing into the main sewer line, definitely time for it to go!

I now have a nice three part stump back there which will hopefully become a treehouse sometime this summer. Plus a good bit more sun in the backyard which should enable me to have a nice garden in a few years.




We finally got the inspection of the electrical work that was done this fall, so I’ve been putting the basement back together as a guest space/study/project space with room for romping in the winter! Hopefully S will get a chance to wire me up some lights above my sewing space soon as Mouse has grown out of everything just in time for spring. She’s tall for her age and very slim so finding things that are long enough but not cut for a larger or more mature child is a real trick!



Bull continues to be THE CLOWN of the house! His latest trick involves pretending to fall asleep when asked to do something! He’s remarkably good at sitting or lying with his eyes closed even when being tickled etc.

Between that and randomly deciding that he only speaks/understands “opposite” he keeps things lively (and somewhat frustrating ) for the rest of us.




One of these years I might be able to write straight across a blackboard!

School and co-op have been chugging along. We have about 50 days of school left and I’m already starting to think about convention and next year. In fact I ordered our core scheduling stuff the other day so I can start figuring out what supplemental texts and materials I need to look for.

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