Art History for Second and Third Grade

Art Like Van Gogh

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I’ve been working on putting together an art history curriculum/unit study for the big children this year- mostly because I want to start training them to recognize beauty and I found some excellent resources at the HEAV Convention.

We’ll be using one primary text and several supporting texts as well as picture books and postcards.

I was absolutely delighted to find this book at the convention.

It’s a combination of a timeline and a sticker book. For each period of art there are several stickers in the back with typical pieces from the period. There is a two page spread with information about art, artists and techniques. I bought two of these and expect that the children will enjoy basically making their own book of art.

For additional information I’ll be using

a Dorling Kindersly Eyewitness Art book on Color and another Usborne book about Famous Artists.

I want to have a hands on component to this as well and was very pleased to find the book pictured at the top of the post (Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn Kohl and Kim Solga). Although the book only begins with the Renaissance I think it will be a great resource for activities and art the children can make in the style and techniques that artists have used through the ages. For the time periods not covered by this book I’ve been looking at Pinterest and have made a board with activities and reference materials for each period we are planning to study.

As I’ve mentioned before we’ll also be joining other homeschoolers in visiting our local art museum once a month and I’ll be preparing materials for us to use there.

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