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One of the hardest things about running this blog is figuring out what to say. Not subject wise. I could write practical posts about gardening and education, training preschoolers and so on all day long if I wasn’t interrupted. No, the hard part is figuring out how to share the hard things I think about, worry at and wonder over. How to share clearly with a group that includes a bunch of strangers with only text on a page….

Those that know me know that in speaking of new ideas I rely heavily on body language and feedback to know whether I am being clear when I am thinking out loud. Many of my posts here are a kind of thinking out loud for me (writing out loud perhaps?) and I often wonder if the idea that seems clear in my mind is being put into words that make sense to anyone. In fact sometimes I reread a post a week or so later and wonder if the words even make sense to me!

Lately (and this is why I haven’t had a many posts this week) I’ve been trying to articulate some things I’ve been reading, learning and thinking about and finding that they don’t even make that much “sense” to me yet. They resonate with my heart and spirit, but I don’t yet have enough of a grasp of what they? are in practice (or even what they include in theory) to be able to articulate them.

I am convinced that there is an important intersection between living creatively, experiencing joy, eucharistic living and our work as healers in a broken world. I know that somehow these interact with understanding that each human being on the planet is important, I have drafts on a number of these topics but somehow the words are not coming clear. There is a breakdown between my brain, my heart and my spirit that I am at this point unable to connect these concepts in a way that even makes sense to me.

The writing process for me often takes a great deal of reading, thinking , discussion with S and others, and back-of-the-mind thinking before it comes out on the page. Pray for me, I want to understand and to share with you,but just now the words won’t come…K

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