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Short Lessons or Why We Do Almost Everything Twice!

  This past summer I did a bunch of reading on various educational approaches. Partly because I find that kind of thing interesting, and partly because I am ALWAYS having to tweak my approach to allow for bigger kids, noisier … Continue reading

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I’m Glad Convention Season is Coming!

    The last few weeks have been rough! Time change, sick littles, a major reorganization project in order to give the biggest boy his own room (which meant turning the schoolroom into the master bedroom, moving school to the … Continue reading

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Free Time or Free For All?

  Free time is an enormous benefit if homeschooling. Play and creative endeavor help make children well rounded and are an important part of the “whole child” approach to education. By providing ample free time I am giving my children … Continue reading

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Fewer Words, More Slowly

Lately I’ve been noticing a worrisome trend around here. We have a lot going on as is typical for the end of the school year; special events, birthdays, annual doctor visits, and dentist appointments all seem to come within a … Continue reading

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Using Homework to Encourage Hard Work (Or Why I Have No Reason to Fuss At My Dawdlers)

  This past fall we started participating in a small co-op. It meets once per week and I teach Science and Latin. The three school age children take classes and Jack and Daisy hang out with friends (although Daisy usually … Continue reading

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The Realization That Revolutionized My Parenting

My children and I are not at war “Well, duh!” you say, “Of course not!” Of course not? Then why do we talk and act as if we were? Haven’t we all said and heard these kinds of things: “I … Continue reading

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A Normal Day?

Actually I’m not sure we have any “normal” days, but here’s a little glimpse of a somewhat typical day. 5:30 am: The alarm goes off. I turn it off and snuggle up to S to drowse for half an hour … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Reading: Providing Good Books

A lot of reading is happening around our house these days! Sometimes it looks like this: And sometimes it’s just the long hour and a half of quiet in the afternoons while the little boys nap. Buggle is getting through … Continue reading

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Talking with someone the other day and she asked me “Do you think you’ll have more children?” “Jack’s not a baby anymore.” I said. “But you’re so busy and the children are so wearying. Do you really think you should? … Continue reading

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Eeyore Takes A Bath

Jack has a favorite stuffed animal that we call Eeyore. He’s small, just right for a toddler’s hands (although Jack usually carries him by holding his ears in his mouth) and made of worn and faded grey-blue terry cloth. He … Continue reading

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