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Friday Wrap-up: What Did We Do All Week?


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This is what we woke up to yesterday…. The three boys share a room. Bull and Jack wake up 100% awake and ready to start their day. Buggle wakes up slowly and prefers quiet while waking. Usually Jack comes in … Continue reading

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Bull Is Five!

For the past several months Bull has been telling perfect strangers that he was “going to be five in December”! Since his birthday is just a few days before Christmas, we had a little playdate in the morning and then … Continue reading

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Ordinary Clothing: Seasonal Skirt Blog Hop Summer Edition

    Yup! That’s me, in a dress, taking an unplanned wade in a large mud puddle (or small pond) at my sister-in-law’s place!   And that’s Mouse in a dress, wading in a creek we came across while we … Continue reading

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Pleasant Places

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6 (NASB) This first summer in New England continues to amaze and delight me. Warm, but not hot and humid days, cool nights, … Continue reading

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How To Get To Know Your Neighbors

1. Have several young children 2. Make sure that they are curious about everything and not shy about asking questions 3. Allow them to play in the front of the house and ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk … Continue reading

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The Witching Hour!

That time of day when everything seems to break loose at once. That hour and half at the end of the day when the children are tired of their own amusements and ready at once for some Mama attention and … Continue reading

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Shopping With The Mouse

Some people in my family have a shopping gene. They love to shop and some of them actually love to buy stuff. I didn’t get it. I shop with a list, I go to two or three stores where I … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my children’s minds! They are all fairly intelligent and information sticks in their minds like lint to velcro, but the remixing of the information into knowledge of how the world works can be…shall … Continue reading

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Rainy Summer: What To Do?

Around here we don’t really have winter. Sure, it snows occasionally but mostly we just have lots of wet, cold days. It’s OK at first, actually kind of nice after the heat of summer but after a while we start … Continue reading

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