How To Get To Know Your Neighbors

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1. Have several young children

2. Make sure that they are curious about everything and not shy about asking questions

3. Allow them to play in the front of the house and ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk with minimal supervision

4. Let them yell and be loud as long as they are outside

5. Encourage them to be helpful and friendly

Result: You will know all the neighbors on your block and most of the neighbors on the next several blocks as the children will have said “hi”, asked them what they were doing, offered to help with yardwork etc. You will also be on a first name basis with: the mailman, the guys reroofing the house across the street, the man flushing the sewer system for the city and others whom you are not quite sure how you met!

Also- your life will never be boring- but you already knew that because you have several small children!

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