Construction Truck Preschool: Bulldozer and Printable

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Paper Bulldozer craft


Last week I talked about how obsessed with construction vehicles Bull has been recently and how we had spent the last while reading every book on construction that the library had and making trucks based on his favorite book and the trucks he had seen working on our street.

This week I’m sharing the patterns for making your own bulldozer (or “pile truck” as Bull calls it). ?Most of the shapes used to make the bulldozer have straight lines and square corners so a 4 or 5 year old can probably do the cutting themselves. A younger child will probably need someone else to cut the shapes and guide them in placement, but they will enjoy snipping up the brown paper to make a dirt pile for the bulldozer to push!


1 sheet each of yellow, black and brown construction paper

1 sheet of cardstock to glue the bulldozer to

glue stick


a brad

this pattern Paper Bullozer craft (1513 downloads)

Cut out the pieces and glue them to the cardstock as shown in the completed example below. The scoop of the bulldozer is glued to the arm and then the am is mounted to the body of the bulldozer with the brad.

Glue bits of brown paper, rice or beans to the cardstock in front of the bulldozer. This is the dirt pile.

Discuss what a bulldozer does on a job site and maybe even look at youtube videos of bulldozers at work.

You can add details to the picture with crayons or markers.

You can add details to the picture with crayons or markers.

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