Easter Preparation: Good Friday

A beautiful spring day today and at least some of the children seem to be recovering. I take it as a good sign that Buggle wanted to go out and ride his bike even if it was only for about ten minutes!

Jack threw up once this morning, then slept for several hours, and woke up cheerful. I’ve given him some apple juice and am hoping that will stay down and he’ll be fine from here on out.

We did cancel (or maybe just postpone) our annual Easter Feast. The house looks rather like it was picked up and shaken thoroughly at the moment, and we aren’t entirely sure that children are really better and not contagious. I’m so glad we had planned to shop for the feast today, so we don’t have a fridge full of food to deal with!

Looks like we will just spend a quiet weekend together. I’ll go to church tonight and Saturday and hopefully the children will be well for Easter morning church. Mouse has learned the anthem for the service that morning and I have promised her that if she’s well she can join me in the choir. One more soprano (and her range is MUCH higher than mine) will be good.

Right now I’m trying to think of ways to make the celebration of Easter special for the children even with them having been ill. I found a printable Easter set for them to color and assemble. It’s kind of like a Nativity Scene but with the Easter story as the background instead. The big two started working on it the other night, so I think we’ll finish it up today and tomorrow.

We’ll have to see how appetites are but I am planning to make hot cross buns after they go to bed on Saturday night for a breakfast surprise. I’ll use my Refrigerator Roll recipe but sweeten it and add either citron or currants.

S got a ham on sale yesterday, so we can have that for lunch on Sunday if people are well enough.

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