Finishing Strong! Evaluate Before You Plan (Free Evaluation Form Download)

Before we can begin to plan for the next academic year, we first need to know how the current year went. Evaluation is an important part of any project and homeschooling is no exception. In this context, evaluation takes several forms:

  • Whatever form of evaluation needed to satisfy state homeschooling laws- this make take the form of standardized testing, a portfolio review, or a written progress report or report card. These forms of evaluation are important because they keep us in compliance with state laws, but they often are not that helpful as guides for future planning. They can even be misleading. Children don’t always test well even when they know the material and sometimes they test so well that the test can give an inflated idea of abilities (as when an 8 year old tests as reading at an 11th grade, 5th month level).
  • Some evaluation is informal- the child in question learned to read and completed their phonics curriculum. Good information to have and probably all that needs to be communicated to a grandparent or other concerned person, but not necessarily enough information to indicate what level the child should work at the following year, or where he or she might need additional practice.
  • Written evaluation of each child, for each subject as well as for behavioral or character goals (another post). I use this form? School-Year-Evaluation-Form.pdf (1449 downloads) which you can download for your own use. I use one form for each child, briefly listing as points what went well and what was more difficult, or failed utterly!



Subjects are listed on the side and I write in my thoughts for each one.






A pattern emerges-

  • anything that requires holding a pencil in hand is harder for this student.
  • Math is going really well and should continue as is
  • I need to build time for lessons with me into the schedule for writing intensive subjects

I’ll do this four more times, then gather those results and start putting together a plan for 2018-2019!

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