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Growth: Hard Work, Holding On, Letting Go

‘Tis the season of growth! Everywhere new plants are pushing up through the soil and people are changing what they did before to accommodate a life that is different than what they had planned. Children are growing and changing too … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Action Is Not Irresponsible!

This morning I was very tempted to cancel lessons and chores and let everyone go their separate and very whiny ways! Our priest came over last night to bless the gardens since it was Rogation Monday and stayed to supper. … Continue reading

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Geography Begins At Home

Geography is the study of places, so we begin by helping the child to observe his own places and learn how they relate to him and to each other and to begin to see how they shape what he does … Continue reading

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An April “Vacation”

I often take time over the Christmas Holidays to evaluate our current year and put some ideas on paper for the next twelve months for school and for summer activities and travel plans. This year, I decided that I was … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Musing

What a week! Last week we were mostly home but still seeing some friends occasionally and getting out to parking lot Adoration at our parish where we could kneel out of doors and see our friends from a safe distance. … Continue reading

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Finding A Rhythm In A New Situation

In the midst of so much change and restriction it can be tempting to throw internal family structure to the four winds! After all, the children can’t go to their regular classes and activities, they aren’t getting the chance to … Continue reading

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Homeschooling In A Time Of Pandemic

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been! I closed our co-op on March 12th with four weeks left in the term. At the time I assumed we would be able to open again in late April but I … Continue reading

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What We’re Learning: Form 2A and 2B Part 2

  Mouse is 10 this year and primarily doing 6th and 7th grade level work. She loves  anatomy, drawing,  and anything crafty or artistic. She still wants to be a orthopedic doctor and has gotten some first hand experience this year … Continue reading

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What Are We Learning? Form 2A and 2B

When Mouse and Buggle were younger, I schooled them as if they were twins for the most part. Last year it became clear that they needed to move away from each other in pursuits and expectations both in academics and … Continue reading

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What Are We Learning?: Preschool and Form 1

Two weeks into this term of school and I wanted to share a bit about what the three and six year old are learning and will be learning. Our terms run for twelve weeks so this is what I have … Continue reading

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