School Clothes (Make My Monday)

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Ever since F was accepted into his Junior Kindergarten program I have been fretting about clothes. The school requires that he be able to manage his clothes for pottying and so on himself and I think that is perfectly reasonable. The problem is that F is naturally kind of klutzy and also the kind of child who looks like he just came in from wrestling five minutes after he has been made presentable.

Sooo I wanted to send him to school in overalls. He can manage the straps himself, they stay tucked in most of the time and I want him to have some clothes that are clearly “school clothes” as I think that there are positive behavioral effects from distinctions in clothes. Should be simple right?

Wrong. Overalls are apparently out of style for boys (though not for girls) and I have searched high and low, online and in stores for months. My mother-in-law located a few pairs at yard sales but I know from experience that those tend to not last long since they are already somewhat worn. I was pretty well resigned to sending him to school in pants with suspenders and have been having him practice putting himself back together after using the bathroom. Imagine my delight when on a whim last week (since I was already there for some other reason) I found overalls at Target.

I did gulp a bit at the price ($16 each) but consoled myself with the thought that they would fit all year, and wouldn’t need mending. I bought two pairs right away, lest I return and they be gone! And after talking it over with S am going back this week to pick up another couple of pairs for F and some for W too since most of his have been through several children at this point and are no longer mendable…

Seems a bit silly in a way, but finding those pants is a big load off of my mind and three days later still Makes My Monday.

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3 Responses to School Clothes (Make My Monday)

  1. Jeannine Uzel says:

    How about velcro- hides easily and made my life with Sarah’s jeans much easter- can be put behind buttons for very easy opening!

  2. K_Steinmann says:

    Hmm that’s an idea …although it would have to be good velcro he just kinds of randomly yet frequently busts out of his clothes…K

  3. Cheryl Lage says:

    Isn’t it the seemingly small things that seem to brighten our days? Finding the right pants is no small feat….and completely a Monday Maker!

    Thank you so much for playing along…hope you will often!

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