Science Lessons: Birds

Yesterday I received the final two books for our next six weeks of school. I had ordered them at the HEAV Convention and have been waiting for them so that I could put together the lesson plans for a six weeks unit on birds.

Here’s what we’re using:

Some of the books we will be using in July and August.

We have a bird sanctuary within walking distance so I’m planning to include lots of birdwatching and coloring pictures of birds we have seen. The main book is Christian Light Publications Light Unit 204 , which is about birds. I looked through it last night and am not planning to use all of it, but will use parts of it as they fit in with the other things we’re doing.

I also have the following: A small coloring book of common birds for each child, a larger more complex color by number book for F, a book with stickers of the birds and a place to record where they were seen etc. In addition I have several field guides.

I’m going to have them each keep a notebook or rather a binder (so I can put things in sheet protectors with their completed work in it.

I chose to start our Science studies with birds because they already are very interested. They know the names of many birds common to this area and are excited about learning more, being able to identify nests and so on. Since my philosophy of Science Education is to allow them to explore as much as they want to before studying “serious science” in? the upper grades I think this will work out well. Also I found so many good resources at the convention that I don’t have to do as much preparation for this unit as I will for some of the others this fall, an added benefit since our lives are rather busy right now…

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