The Manifold Gifts of God

Yesterday at church at slipped up to the choir to add my voice to the anthem and then slipped back to the pew to sit with the children and S. On my way back through the ambulatory (the passage behind the wall where the altar is that allows people to walk across the end of the church) I saw that someone had propped up an old whiteboard with some writing on it.

I glanced as I went by (text is nearly always interesting)then stopped for a closer look when I recognized my own handwriting from nearly seven years ago!

Here’s what I had written:

“The manifold gifts of God are there to be delighted in, to fall short of joy would be ingratitude.” Brother Cadfael (Ellis Peters)

I hadn’t thought of this quote in quite a while, but it still rings as true for me as it did then.

There are so many, many gifts that we cannot help but be joyful if we allow ourselves to focus on them.

Here are a few of the manifold gifts:

  • beautiful fall weather
  • a visit with my sister and her children
  • cousins playing together all day nicely
  • growing children who are growing in maturity and wisdom not just height and weight
  • the beginning of another week
  • a little building project for the backyard
  • sweet potatoes out of the garden
  • and many, many more….

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